Erin Blackford

Social Impact Analyst

Erin Blackford is from Seattle, Washington and graduated with a B.S. in Sociology and a B.A. in Spanish from Brigham Young University. She discovered her passion for philanthropic work as she evaluated and developed programs for La Fundación Paraguaya, One Heart Bulgaria, and Microsoft’s GIVE Campaign. Although traveling is Erin's favorite hobby, she loves bringing her passion for philanthropy to her own community. Erin uses her evaluation and data skills to help the Community Foundation of Utah be more strategic and data-driven in their grantmaking, amplifying the impact the Foundation’s programs and dollars have in the local community. She spends a lot of her time using data and collaborative facilitation techniques to work with community partners to enhance their programs and measure outcomes. Erin also runs the organization's social media and is the Salesforce Administrator.

When she isn't geeking out about data, Erin loves to hike, attend plays, and challenge her husband to tennis matches.

Contact Erin at  or 801-559-3005 x6.