How We Partner with Private Foundations

We partner with private foundations so they can spend less time on “how” they give and more time on “why” they give. 

Grants Administration

Grantmaking is our speciality. We partner with private foundations by administering their annual grants, so foundations can focus on “why” and “where” they give, instead of “how” they give. For individuals and families wanting to spend more time giving and less time administering, partnering with the Community Foundation of Utah on grants administration is an excellent option. 

Converting a Private Foundation to Donor Advised Fund 

Sometimes, individuals and families want to continue building a philanthropic legacy, but see the management and administration of their private foundation as a family burden. In these situations, converting a private foundation to a Donor Advised Fund can offload the burden of managing a complex legal entity while preserving the family’s intent and legacy. 

To learn more about how we can partner with your foundation, contact Micaela Weil, Donor Services Manager at or 801-559-3005 x4. 

Utah Grantmakers Alliance 

When funders collaborate, we generate more impact. Utah Grantmakers Alliance is a forum for family foundations and donor advisers committed to convening and collaborating to make an even bigger difference in our community. Learn more.

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