Mission Related Investments

The Community Foundation of Utah believes in responding to the dreams of our donors.

One way we demonstrate that commitment is through offering Mission Related Investing, or Impact Investing.

Donor Advised Funds are allowed to put a portion of their investment in a vehicle that combines social impact with long-term financial return. Funds can be used to take an equity stake in a start up company that has a social and profitable benefit. Any gains, if, for example, the company is sold at a profit, are returned to the Donor Advised Fund. The Community Foundation of Utah takes care of the K1 and other tax requirements.

Mission Related and Program Related investments are usually only undertaken by large private foundations. Few commercial vehicles allow such transaction. By contrast, our Donor Advisors have invested in a dairy concern in India, a mobile technology company in Vietnam, and a cell phone company in Indonesia.

Our Social Investors Forum is another way Donor Advisors can encourage Utah nonprofits to grow alternative sources of revenue.

We believe in democratizing philanthropy. At the Community Foundation of Utah you do not have to have the assets of the large private foundation to be an impact investor. Our personal service makes the difference. Call us to learn more at (801) 559-3005.