Agency Endowment Funds

Build a lasting source of support for your organization.

An Agency Endowment Fund is a philanthropic fund that allows nonprofits to set aside principal for investment and growth over the long term, providing a steady stream of funds—and a commitment to your organization's future.


  • Flexible. We accept gifts of stock, real estate, or other complex assets. Your donors receive an immediate tax deduction for their contributions.
  • Efficient. We manage, administer, and invest the fund, so you enjoy the benefits of a foundation without the hassle of management.
  • Impactful. We invest the fund, minimizing costs and generating earnings to benefit your organization for years to come.
  • Your legacy. We can speak to your staff, board, and donors about how to build and use your endowment to create a lasting source of support.

Take a look at our Agency Endowment Agreement and CFU Fund Policies & Procedures.

Give to an Agency Endowment Fund.

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