Donor Advised Funds

Give once, grant forever.

Opening a Donor Advised Fund is like having your own charitable foundation without all the administrative burden. Contributions into the fund are immediately tax deductible, funds are invested so they grow tax-free, and you can recommend grants to charitable organizations over time.

If you are interested in opening a Donor Advised Fund, contact Micaela Weil, Donor Services Manager, at: or 801-559-3005 x4.

When Should I Open a Donor Advised Fund?

You can open one at any time, but certain times can provide additional tax benefits. These include:

Why Open a Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation of Utah?

  1. Donate Flexibly: Donate a diversity of asset types and give over time. 
  2. Be Tax-Efficient: Maximize your giving potential and tax benefits.
  3. Leverage Expertise: We manage the fund, so you enjoy the benefits of giving without the hassle of management.
  4. Support Local: By starting a charitable fund with us, you also help to support our community initiatives bettering our state.
  5. Create a Legacy: Create a fund that can give perpetually to organizations aligned with your values and goals.

Learn More

Read about Donor Advised Funds and how they work here, or take a look at our Donor Advised Fund Agreement and Donor Advised Fund Policies & Procedures