Love Utah Give Tuesday Programming Redirected to Sustainable Funding for Nonprofits

03 May 2019 Published in News

Love Utah Give Tuesday will be discontinued to shift resources to grow long-term funding for community organizations.

Over the past five years, Love Utah Give Tuesday (formerly Love Utah Give Utah) has been hosted by the Community Foundation of Utah (CFU). The online giving day was established in 2013 to capitalize on a form of crowdfunding to increase donations for Utah nonprofits. Since the program’s establishment, over $5 million has been deployed into Utah’s social sector to help nonprofits continue their incredible work.

CFU’s intent for this giving day was to use our resources and convening role to encourage donations for more operating support for Utah nonprofits. Whilst enthusiasm remains for giving days in general, we have received feedback that this program creates significant work, and that there are concerns around timing, fees, capacity, and redundancy. In keeping with CFU’s commitment to embrace innovation and eliminate redundancy, we believe Love Utah Give Tuesday is no longer the best way we can support our nonprofit community.

We often ask our team: “How can we best leverage our resources to support our community?” We feel strongly that the answer lies in supporting long-term funding for our nonprofit partners. We also believe that we are uniquely positioned to help grow long-term funding, so we are redirecting our resources to support this goal through working to grow Agency Endowment Funds coupled with our ability to manage gifts of complex assets.

Agency Endowments allow nonprofit organizations to grow invested principal over the long-term, providing a steady, predictable stream of funding—and a commitment to the organization's future. CFU has the expertise to manage Agency Endowments and monetize complex assets (like highly-appreciated private and public stock, real estate, and LLC interest) on behalf of fellow nonprofits and donors to invest in the future of the nonprofit sector. Focusing on endowed gifts (as opposed to small, one-time donations) will allow us to make a bigger difference for nonprofits over the long-term, and monetizing complex assets allows more philanthropic dollars to make their way into the sector. Further, we can help donors monetize complex assets for their favorite nonprofit, even if the organization doesn’t have an endowment.

We understand change is never easy, but we are excited for this shift toward helping nonprofits in perpetuity. We would love to speak to staff, boards, and donors about how to build and use CFU to create lasting sources of support and look forward to continuing our educational and financial investments in Utah’s social sector. If you'd like to explore endowed funding or our ability to accept complex assets, please email .

All our best,
Community Foundation of Utah