Homeless Population Receives Comprehensive Medical Care Through CFU Grant

09 May 2018 Published in News

Less than one year into their two-year, $545,182 grant from the Housing and Homelessness Pillar at the Community Foundation of Utah, the Fourth Street Clinic (FSC) has made great strides to provide comprehensive medical services to Utah’s homeless population.

After a rigorous application process that encouraged collaboration and shared outcomes, the Community Foundation of Utah awarded the two-year grant to FSC to support the launch of their Nurse Care Management (NCM) pilot program. The NCM program was the first program in Salt Lake City designed to connect homeless individuals with comprehensive medical services. This program follows a hub-and-spoke model, with the Fourth Street Clinic acting as the central “hub” for medical services while other service providers serve as the “spokes.” FSC has partnered with YWCA Utah, the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake, First Step House, Volunteers of America Utah, and The Road Home to provide Nurse Care Managers on rotation between locations depending on the needs of patients.

As indicated in their quarterly report, in the first 30 days of the NCM pilot, the program assisted 57 unique patients, ranging from age 18 to 60, in 81 encounters at four locations. Services provided include, but are not limited to, mental health evaluation, domestic violence treatment, and diabetes management. FSC was kind enough to share many NCM success stories with CFU, including the following:

  • The NCM team at the YWCA met with a woman who was seeking support from a domestic violence strangulation incident. While meeting with the NCM team, the client revealed that she has four children who were behind on their immunizations and wellness checks. Additionally, she was suffering from depression and anxiety. The client and her children were registered as FSC patients and each child received their wellness checks and immunizations. Their mother has now established care with a primary care physician and has returned to the clinic for mental health treatment and counseling.
  • A man with uncontrolled Type II Diabetes and a history of toe amputations met with the NCM while on the verge of running out of insulin. The NCM team coordinated his care and he was able to receive all needed medications to control his diabetes.

“We feel the numbers reflect an excellent start and [we] look forward to seeing the number of people we serve grow. We are excited for the progress made in this collaborative effort to meet the complex medical needs of the individuals served in each of these very different programs,” states Laura Michalski, Chief Executive Officer of Fourth Street Clinic. The collaboration between partner organizations has been described as “smooth and easy” and the final “spoke” organization is hoping to have their NCM services up-and-running in April 2018.

For more information on the NCM program and the Community Foundation of Utah’s collaboration with the Fourth Street Clinic, click here.