CFU in the News: Son Honors Mother's Legacy of Service with Gift to Help Homeless Women

28 December 2016 Published in News

The Community Foundation of Utah was highlighted in a December 22, 2016 article in the Deseret News, profiling our fund holder Pat King. Mr. King recently made a generous donation to support the construction of a new resource center to serve women experiencing homelessness. As Marjorie Cortez writes, Mr. King follows in his mother's footsteps when it comes to charitable giving:

Standing outside the Catholic church where his mother Geraldine E. King attended Mass daily until she could no longer drive, Pat King reflected on her devout faith.


"There wasn't any problem my mother thought she couldn't pray her way out of," King said Thursday.


A single mother to seven children, Geraldine King had to figure out how to make ends meet. But when others needed help, she didn't shy away, whether it was a neighbor kid who needed a place to stay or stepping up to raise four of her sister's children.


"She always found a way," he said.


She placed a high priority on charitable giving, too. After she passed away in April, King started to receive her mail. About a third of it was from nonprofit organizations or other charities she had contributed to over the years.


Pat King, too, is a regular and generous contributor to a number of nonprofit organizations, primarily human service organizations.


Over the past two years, he has closely followed efforts among state and local governments to transform Utah's system of providing housing and services to people experiencing homelessness.


He wanted to help and in doing so, he found a way to honor his late mother. He, through his charitable foundation, will contribute $4 million toward one of four new homeless resource centers to be established in Salt Lake City.


The location of the resource center — to be named for King's mother — has not yet been determined, but the facility will serve women experiencing homelessness.


King said his mother would "be overwhelmed" by the idea of a resource center bearing her name. "She would love the fact we're helping people, but the recognition to her she wouldn't necessarily need," he said.

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