The Doctorow Legacy of Family Philanthropy

Jarvis and Constance Doctorow Jarvis and Constance Doctorow

Suzanne Larson honors the memory of her loved ones by continuing their legacy of generosity.

The Jarvis & Constance Doctorow Family Foundation was established in 2004 to increase accessibility to mental health services and the arts. Since 2013, the foundation has partnered with the Community Foundation of Utah (CFU) to give $8.5 million to 95 nonprofits through their Donor Advised Fund. 

Jarvis Doctorow created a tradition of giving that he passed onto his children. “When we were kids our father taught us his rule, ‘spend some, save some, and give some away.’ Giving was very important to him and that is a legacy that needs to continue,” Suzanne said. When Suzanne became Executive Director in 2011, she was determined to continue the family foundation’s mission.

Working with CFU gives Suzanne the support she needs to continue giving effectively. She has enjoyed developing close relationships with CFU staff, who taught her about philanthropic practices and provide the administrative backing so her grants run smoothly. The Doctorow Family Foundation has bequeathed its funds to CFU, honoring Jarvis’s wishes that their foundation give in perpetuity.

“There are always going to be people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to mental health services or can’t afford to enroll in arts programs. That we can give them that, forever, is incredible,” Suzanne said.

suzSuzanne LarsonLike her father, Suzanne loves to make personal connections through giving. She sees the difference their family makes by sitting in on their grantees’ performance rehearsals, where she witnesses the positive impact of arts education. “That’s why we formed a family foundation; we want to be directly involved in our grantee’s work,” she said. With more than 60 annual grantees, Suzanne is amazed by the breadth of work supported by their family legacy.

CFU and Suzanne work together to remove barriers to funding, with the knowledge that supporting community partners is the best way to advance their family’s mission. By cutting down their application and reporting processes, Suzanne makes it easy for their grantees to continue their programming.

Proud of the Doctorow family legacy, Suzanne is inspired by the transformational effect of their community partners’ work. “The arts and mental health are intertwined. We want to give people experiences that will expand their lives,” she said. Through CFU, the Doctorow family will continue to create lasting impact.


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