Community Impact Funds

Supporting Community Driven Solutions

We are better, together. By harnessing the power of collective giving, Community Impact Funds at the Community Foundation of Utah maximize the impact of every contribution. We pool resources so donors and nonprofits alike can come together to combine funding and expertise to generate outsized results.

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Our Community Impact Funds

Great Salt Lake Watershed Enhancement Trust

Enhances water quantity and quality in Great Salt Lake while creating lasting benefit to preserve an iconic and invaluable part of our state.

Silicon Slopes Computer Science Fund

Works to ensure every student in Utah has access to computer science education.

Utah Impact Partnership Fund

Advances impact solutions for homelessness.


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How We Address Pressing Challenges through Community Impact Funds

A Community Impact Fund at the Community Foundation of Utah provides donors with the opportunity to make a high leverage investment in the causes and communities that are most meaningful to you. Partnering with the Community Foundation of Utah affords you access to a dynamic giving strategy. Here is how:

  • We leverage the philanthropic expertise of CFU while gathering subject matter experts to make the most impactful investments
  • By pooling funding and fostering collaboration amongst nonprofits, we can achieve more together than working individually
  • As Utah’s partner in philanthropy, we collect donations of all sizes across the entire state to create collective community driven change
  • With the flexibility of Community Impact Funds, we can make our systems to address change specific to Utah’s needs

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Contact us here to learn more about establishing a Community Impact Fund or contribute to a current fund.