Agency Endowment Funds

Create lasting support for your organization


An Agency Endowment Fund provides nonprofits with a steady stream of funds and marks a commitment to the future of your organization.

We strongly encourage nonprofits to consider establishing an Agency Endowment. Foundation and grant funding can be unpredictable, making long-term stability and strategic planning difficult. Agency Endowments provide consistent funding so your organization can plan effectively for the future.

You can start small. An establishing gift of even $50,000 can lead to big things*, and signal to donors you are invested in long-term success.

If you are interested in establishing an Agency Endowment for your organization, contact us here.

We also are happy to come speak to your staff, board and donors about the importance of endowed funding and the process of establishing an endowment.

Benefits of Agency Endowments

  • Flexible. We accept gifts of cash, stock, real estate, or other complex assets. Your donors receive an immediate tax deduction for their contributions.
  • Efficient. We manage and administer the fund, so you enjoy the benefits of the endowment without the hassle of management.
  • Impactful. We invest the fund, minimizing costs and generating earnings to benefit your organization for years to come.
  • Lasting. An endowment provides perpetual support that your organization can depend on.

Take a look at our Agency Endowment Agreement and CFU Fund Policies & Procedures.

Give to an Agency Endowment Fund

*Agency Endowments must reach $100,000 in contributions within the first three years of the fund.