Ukrainian Olympic and Paralympic Solidarity Fund


Ukrainian Athletes

 Ukrainians continue to inspire the world during this tumultuous time of unrest. Olympic and Paralympic athletes, coaches, and families have been invited to reside in Utah to train, stay, and thrive in a safe and welcoming environment. The Community Foundation of Utah and the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation have forged a partnership to provide core living and training resources as well as a community experience for these Olympians and their families.

As Utahn’s, we welcome the world with open arms. Please join us in supporting a safe haven for Ukrainian athletes. Home of world class Olympic and Paralympic training venues, Utahn is uniquely positioned to provide a safe and well suited place to reside during this time of turmoil. With a fundraising goal of $750,000, the fund seeks to provide flight and ground transportation, lodging, training, and meals for Ukrainian athletes, coaches and families. Reaching this goal relies on the generosity and support of local foundations and Utahns like you. 

For donations greater than $2,500, please contact Derek Nunner at or 801-559-3005 x6.

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