Riana Gayle

Community Impact Coordinator

Riana Gayle (she/her) is a skilled communicator and lifelong learner with years of experience as a researcher, organizer, and journalist. She grew up in North Carolina and moved to Utah in 2016 to attend Utah State University where she earned her Master of Science.

Prior to joining the team at the Community Foundation of Utah she spent four years as the Analyst and Communications Specialist for the Western Rural Development Center where she applied her unique blend of talents to assist communities with analysis and inform stakeholders about the work of the Center. 

To date, her career journey reflects an ongoing pursuit of knowledge and a passion for building and being in community. Riana is excited to be a part of the CFU team which is affecting change, engaging in community-driven initiatives, and working alongside leaders across the state. When she does not have a book or pen in hand, she can be found outside on the trails or digging in her garden beds.