Ian Shelledy


Ian brings over 10 years of non-profit experience to CFU. Before joining the team, Ian served as Co-Founder and Executive Director of Sustainable Startups, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing diverse human capital and fostering projects that improve the economic, social and environmental conditions within communities. Under Ian's leadership, Sustainable Startups was a four-time finalist and two-time winner of the U.S. Small Business Administration Growth Accelerator Competition and expanded its programming to 16 cities across the nation. Ian also served as Director of Innovation and Education at The Leonardo.  He is a James A. Covert Leadership Award recipient and a participant in the White House Business Council Forum on Accelerating Entrepreneurship. Ian holds a master's degree from Colorado State University specializing in collaborative decision-making, and a B.A. from the University of Portland. He has a wife and three children, one much furrier than the other two.