September 04, 2019

The New Era for Scholarships

Dedicating more Community Foundation of Utah resources to long-term community impact.

Several years ago, the Community Foundation of Utah made the strategic decision to move away from offering scholarship funds. As a small but growing non-profit organization, serving these funds became impractical because scholarships funds are highly time-intensive to administer and have complex compliance requirements. While we loved facilitating scholarships and seeing the impact they had on students and families, we recognized the need to focus our efforts on more targeted and sustainable programming. We also believed these funds would be better served by other organizations already specializing in administering scholarships and providing exceptional services.

Over the past two years we have been transitioning our scholarship funds to other providers. We have worked diligently to identify organizations interested in housing each of our unique scholarships so these funds could continue helping students.

While we are sad to send the scholarships to a new home, we are excited about the opportunity this change provides for us to better serve our community. We feel strongly that the best way to support our community lies in creating long-term funding for Utah’s nonprofit sector. We also believe that we are uniquely positioned to help grow long-term community funding and are redirecting our resources to meet this goal.

The Community Foundation of Utah will continue to work with donors on meaningful and impactful giving, with nonprofits on significant multi-year grant funding, and with our community through targeted Field of Interest Funds to positively impact this wonderful state we call home.

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All our best,
Community Foundation of Utah