Donor Advised Funds

Simplify your charitable giving.

A Donor Advised Fund is a philanthropic fund that allows donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax benefit, and then recommend grants to charitable organizations from the fund over time. 


  • Flexible. We accept gifts of stock, real estate, and other complex assets. If you wish, grants can be completely anonymous.
  • Efficient. We manage, administer, and invest the fund, so you enjoy many of the benefits of a private foundation without the hassle of management. 
  • Impactful. We invest the fund, minimizing costs and generating earnings to benefit the causes you care about for years to come. 
  • Your legacy. We know the needs and opportunities unique to Utah, helping you develop a personalized, high-impact strategy for charitable giving. 

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Contact us at 801-559-3005 or to learn more about establishing a Donor Advised Fund.


View Our Donor Advised Funds

  • 70 Anonymous Donor Advised Funds
  • Barabino Huebner DAF
  • Boishead Fund
  • Bill Phillips Memorial Fund
  • Bruce Giles Remund Family FundCharitable Gift Fund
  • Corbin B and Kara Church Family Fund
  • Daren David Short Foundation
  • DHW Donor Advised Fund
  • Donna and David Howell Donor Advised Fund
  • Donna Loy Gossner FundDrew Hansen Foundation
  • Elliott-Hall Fund
  • Everest Family Foundation
  • Fifth Ocean Consulting Charitable Fund
  • Fraser Nelson Fund
  • Geoff Woolley Family Fund
  • GLAM Foundation
  • Glidden GrantsGreg and Diane Warnock Family Charitable Fund
  • Jane & Tami Marquardt Peace & Possibility Project
  • JHW Donor Advised Fund
  • John W. Bennion Charitable Fund
  • Jonathan W. Blanch MD Fund
  • Karen Lindau and David Goldenberg Family Fund
  • Kerr-Jackson Family FundMitton Family Fund
  • P.I.R.M Partners in Real Missions
  • Roberta Glidden Charitable Fund
  • Stephanie and Tim Harpst Fund
  • Stokes Family Foundation
  • Sue and Tom Ellison Fund
  • The Adam Galinsky Fund
  • The Bireley Foundation DAF
  • The BKN Fund
  • The Broman Family Fund
  • The CCO FundThe Dickson Foundation
  • The Felton Fund
  • The Frances Frost Nofsinger Fund
  • The Jarvis and Constance Doctorow Family Foundation
  • The Jonathan and Julie Bullen Donor Advised Fund
  • The Joseph & Celia Grenny Fund
  • The Joseph and Mary Barton Family Charitable Gift Fund
  • The Kingfisher Fund
  • The Kunz Family Foundation
  • The LJJ FundThe Lund Foundation DAF
  • The M. Lynn Bennion Foundation
  • The McEwan Foundation
  • The McQuarrie Family Foundation
  • The Pulos Family Fund
  • The Robert and Cathy Dern Donor Advised Fund
  • The Sally Nelson Fund
  • The Sherrie and David E. Gee Community Fund
  • The Susan and David Denton Charitable Trust
  • The Thomson Family Charitable Fund
  • The Topper Family Fund
  • The Waterhouse Family Charitable Fund
  • Warren P. King Fund
  • The ZPD Fund
  • Tycon Charitable Fund