Josh Kanter

Board Member

In 2001, with the death of his father imminent, Josh left his law practice to assume the responsibility of reorganizing his family’s business, tax, and estate structures, building the systems and tools necessary to function as a single-family office, while maintaining family dialog and harmony among three generations with a wide diversity of education, financial and legal literacy, geography, age and needs. Over the past 20 years, Josh has led his family’s family office and consults with other families through Josh Kanter Wealth Advisory Services. Josh is the Founder of leafplanner, Inc., a digital platform that creates a family “owner’s manual,” through the collection, organization and mapping of a family’s and family enterprise’s information in a single-source manner, allowing a family to identify blind spots, educate family members and advisors, and prepare a family for an effective, comprehensive, and efficient succession-of-information. Josh received his J.D. from the University of Chicago. He has served on numerous for-profit and non-profit boards, is a member of the Collaboration for Family Flourishing, the Purposeful Planning Institute, various family office groups and has been a frequent author and panelist on family and family office topics.